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Roll Britannia Rocks the UK Games Expo 2024

Roll Britannia took the UK Games Expo (UKGE) 2024 by storm with 3 stand out performances, and action that left us buzzing with excitement. If you weren't able to make it this year, let's give you a brief run down of our incredible experience at this year's expo.

Our Smash Performances at the UK Games Expo

How Not to Suck at D&D

The first highlight was our talk, "How Not to Suck at D&D," where Chip (Jeff Silverbow), Alex (Derek Normalbeard), and I (Dungeon Master James) took to the stage in front of a packed theatre. We shared all the things we wish we'd known before we started playing D&D, and the audience absolutely loved it.

The energy in the room was electric. We tackled everything from the things we wish we'd known before we started like how little you actually need to know to play, to the reasons why there is no 'wrong' way to play D&D as long as your table is enjoying the game then you're playing it right! Each tip was met with laughter and nods of agreement. It was a fantastic feeling to see so many people resonating with our stories and advice. After the talk, we were swarmed at the Roll Britannia stand in Hall 2. Meeting so many enthusiastic fans and hearing their own D&D stories was the cherry on top.

BBC Radio Appearance

Paul (Milo/Malrus Tosscobble) and I managed to sneak away from the expo for a bit to chat with BBC Radio about D&D and the success of Roll Britannia. This was a unique opportunity to share our passion for the game with a broader audience.

During the interview, we discussed the growing popularity of Roll Britannia in the world of D&D in the UK, the mental health benefits of D&D, and why anyone would listen to a D&D podcast. It was a thrill to represent the D&D community and hopefully inspire some new players to join the fold.

Improvised Comedy D&D Show

We also performed a brand new improvised comedy D&D show, blending the world of D&D with improv comedy. The show was a blast, and the almost sold-out audience of over 100 people laughed long into the evening as we caused mayhem on stage with the wild suggestions from the audience.

The audience's suggestions were as wild as they were hilarious. This spontaneity is what makes live shows so special, and the energy from the crowd was infectious. Celebrating the show's success with a drink at the hotel bar, where we bumped into Luke Gygax, was the perfect end to a perfect evening. After our Parley with Luke in 2023, it was great to see him again and spend a few hours chatting and catching up.

Roll Britannia UK Games Expo Luke Gygax

Autographing the Giant d20

One of the standout moments was being asked to autograph an iconic giant d20 that would be raffled off to raise funds for the charity Game Therapy UK. It was an honour to be in such great company, alongside D&D legends like Critical Role, Luke Gygax, Sir Ian Livingstone, and No Rolls Barred .

Seeing our signatures alongside those of such iconic figures in the D&D community was a humbling experience. The giant d20 itself was a work of art, and knowing it would help fund a charity that uses games for therapeutic purposes made it even more special.

Roll Britannia UK Games Expo Game Therapy UK

Sunday Special: Live One-Shot Episode

Sunday brought our third performance of the weekend: a live recording of a special one-shot episode on the main stage. This adventure saw the buccaneers and our newest crew member, Sophie (River) , tackle a quest set closer to home than they imagined.

The storyline was packed with local references and inside jokes, making it a hit with the audience. The chemistry between the crew and Sophie was seamless, and her character brought a fresh dynamic to the table. This episode was full of laughter and shenanigans, from unexpected plot twists to hilarious character interactions. It was a perfect way to wrap up an exhausting but exhilarating weekend.

uk games expo roll britannia

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

After packing up what was left of our stock and stowing the stand back in its cases, we set off for our now traditional post-expo meal. Joined by Luke Gygax and our two littlest adventurers, we toasted to an amazing expo, meeting fantastic people, laughing so hard it hurt, and discovering some truly awesome games.

This year’s UKGE was an unforgettable experience. We cannot wait for 2025 to do it all over again! The camaraderie, the laughs, and the shared love for D&D made it a weekend to remember. We’re already brainstorming new content and planning how to make our next UKGE appearance even better.

Roll Britannia UK Games Expo and Luke Gygax

A huge thank you to everyone at the UKGE team and all the volunteers who made it all possible. Until next time, happy adventuring!


What was Roll Britannia's highlight at the UKGE 2024?

Who joined the Roll Britannia crew for the live one-shot episode?

What charity did the giant chonk signed by Roll Britannia raise money for at the UKGE 2024?

Are there plans for Roll Britannia at UKGE 2025?

That's about it for Roll Britannia's adventures at the UK Games Expo 2024. Make sure to follow us for more updates and behind-the-scenes content. Cheers, and see you next time!

For more information about the UK Games Expo, visit their official website.

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