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Paul | Malrus Tosscobble

Paul grew up in the Midlands, but has lived and worked in all sorts of places across the world over the last 16 years during his filmmaking career, if not found behind a camera, you’ll find him behind a computer screen editing various video projects. Now a Dad of two theres not much time to travel to far flung places and during Covid found an escape in D&D. In Roll Britannia he plays Malrus Tosscobble a Cleric with a hidden past. As the story begins Malrus is seeking his brother Milo whom he was recently separated from. On receiving news of his brother’s whereabouts Malrus stopping at nothing to get his life back together straps on his sea legs and joins a ship's crew and is thrown together with the other scoundrels during a Kraken attack. Will his past catch up with him? Will he ever find his brother again? Will he ever be taken seriously by his fellow crew mates? Who knows...

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Malrus Tosscobble

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