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Roll Britannia | Parley - An Interview with Gary Colman from Game Therapy UK

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Welcome to a special edition of the Roll Britannia | Parley, where we cast off into the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, therapy, and the power of community. In this epsiode, we're diving deep into the heart of an enchanting conversation with Dr. Gary Colman from Game Therapy UK i n our latest Parley interview. So, buckle up! We're about to embark on a journey filled with laughter, insights, and the transformative power of role-playing games.

Interview Highlights

During the recent Parley, our very own Tom had the pleasure of chatting with Gary, a seasoned veteran of both the comedic and therapeutic realms, as well as a fellow D&D enthusiast. They reminisced about their first meeting at MCM Comic Con in London and delved into the significance of role-playing games in fostering connection and mental well-being.

The Comic Con Experience:

Gary shared his excitement about the increased presence of D&D and role-playing games at the event, noting the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that welcomed players and fans alike.!

D&D as Therapy:

game therapy uk logo

The conversation took a heartfelt turn as Gary introduced Game Therapy UK , a pioneering charity leveraging the therapeutic potential of games to combat social isolation& support mental health.Gary's passion for using D&D annd other games as tools for healing and connection shone through, highlighting the profound impact these adventures can have on players from all walks of life .

Veterans and Gaming:

A touching moment came as they discussed Tactical Advance to Game, an initiative under Game Therapy UK, aimed at bringing veterans together through gaming.The initiative not only offers a sense of camaraderie but also allows veterans to apply their tactical skills in a supportive environment.

Dorks and Orcs:

Laughter filled the air as Gary recounted his adventures with Dorks and Orcs, a comedy panel show with a unique twist on D&D. The show, which has enjoyed success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, combines humour , improvisation, and the spirit of role-playing games to entertain and engage audiences.

Gary Colman

The Magic of D&D and Therapy

Gary's insights into the therapeutic use of D&D and role-playing games were nothing short of inspiring. By creating spaces where individuals can explore new identities, face challenges, and build connections, Game Therapy UK is at the forefront of a movement that recognises the healing power of play.The discussion underscored the importance of accessibility, inclusivity, and the role of community in fostering resilience and joy .


What is Game Therapy UK?

Can role-playing games really help with mental health? 

How can I get involved with Game Therapy UK or Tactical Advance to Game?

What's Dorks and Orcs?

Final Thoughts

Our voyage through the realms of D&D, therapy, and community with Gary Colman has been a reminder of the extraordinary power of games to bring people together, heal, and inspire. Whether you're a veteran, a newcomer, or simply someone looking for a bit of magic in the everyday, there's a place for you at the table. So, let's roll the dice and see where the adventure takes us next!!

Until our paths cross again, keep sailing the high seas of imagination and camaraderie, dear readers. And remember, in the world of D&D and beyond, the greatest treasure is the friends we make along the way.

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