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Chip | Jeff Silverbow

Chip (Real Name Unknown) is a passionate individual who realised at a very early age that he was born to perform. Using performance as a mechanism to better understand how to deal with social interactions, an issue his Asperges Syndrome and Bi-Polar disorder had often presented to him, Chip pursued a Performing Arts qualification and trained with the National Youth Theatre, side-stepping into videography and now landed enthusiastically in the magical world of Dungeons and Dragons. In Roll Britannia, Chips first dally into DnD, he plays Jeff Silverbow, a human boy trying to flee the city. Some would say there’s more to him than meets the eye, some think he’s just a bit odd. Having now found himself amongst some seemingly lovable scoundrels, will Jeff ever just find somewhere to call home again, or will a young boy prove to be more of a hindrance at sea?

jeff silverbow the human sorcerer standing with hands on hips, with a ghostly octopus on his shoulder

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