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Dungeons and Dragons UK Podcast Roll Britannia Characters peaking through a cannonball hole

Roll Britannia Episodes

Looking for a British Dungeons & Dragons Podcast to listen to?  Then it's time you downloaded or streamed Roll Britannia!

The best place to start is of course episode 1, streaming our Dnd fun right from the very beginning will allow you to join us on the journey and get to know how our boys met, and what brought them together.  By downloading Episode 1 of this British D&D Podcast you'll embark on an adventure full of pirates, British Pop Culture References (and some from other parts of the world too), and bucketloads of British humour.

So search for Roll Britannia on your favourite podcatcher, or pick an arc and stream it directly below, smash that subscribe button, grab the rum and lend us your ears! As we tell the greatest tale ever told... according to the old sea captain!


If you're new to our nautical mayhem or clambering aboard once again find out more about all the arcs so far below...

Dungeons and Dragons UK Podcast Cover Image

Arc 1

This arc is where our Dungeons and Dragons adventure begins. Start at the very beginning, to hear where our heroes came from, and how this rag-tag group got thrown together into this journey of adventure.

Arc 2

In this arc, our boys make their first visit of many to the mighty ship Tel Dath.  With all sorts of fun to be had aboard and one ferocious captain, the boys have many D&D adventures to get stuck into...

Dungeons and Dragons UK Podcast Cover Image
Dungeons and Dragons UK Podcast Cover Image

Arc 3

In this arc the Buccs head off on their first "Official" adventure.  A mysterious island awaits and even a very fancy-sounding gated community.  What really lies in wait for our enthusiastic boys?  Time to hop aboard and find out...

Arc 4

In this arc, our heroes return with their prize, ready to receive praise and glory, but instead are met with prizes and stories.  Flint Frostbeard is an unnerving character but maybe not for the reasons you might expect.  What will the boys' next quest be?

Dungeons and Dragons UK Podcast Cover Image
The Roll Britannia crew in a fancy house

Arc 5

In this arc our boys are off to Nemmonis Island.  Can the Buccs convince the high and mighty of society that they belong?  It's hard to say but with possibly the greatest detective in the world on the case, our boys had better watch their step...

More Arcs Added Soon
Until then,  you can listen to every episode of
Roll Britannia on all good podcatchers

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