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Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets

Whether you're a fresh-faced adventurer or a grizzled veteran, discover a new way to record your character ideas using these resources. The remarkable appeal of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, which dominates the tabletop RPG market in the UK and beyond, is undeniable. Its thriving community ensures a steady influx of eager players, while the joy of character creation keeps the game exciting. In your quest for the perfect D&D 5E character sheet, you might find yourself sifting through countless options, and that's part of the fun.

Seasoned players take pleasure in "theory-crafting", creating imaginative character builds for their amusement. This activity consumes character sheets by the dozen. With an abundance of character sheets available, all of them are equally valid, reflecting the game's emphasis on personalisation. That said, some character sheets have gained popularity due to their excellent design and functionality.

Best Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheets

D&D Beyond: Prime Choice for New Players

D&D Beyond's official character sheet is an excellent starting point if you're new to Dungeons & Dragons. This official sheet, supported by D&D creators Wizards of the Coast, is bound to pop up when you search for a D&D 5E character sheet. Its step-by-step character creation process is less daunting for beginners, with a "Show Help Text" option for additional guidance. Free access to the Basic Rules, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Elemental Evil Player's Companion is a bonus.

Moreover, this character sheet automatically calculates essential details such as health, attributes, and other ability modifiers. While it only provides six free slots, that should suffice for most beginners.


You can find D&D Beyond's character sheet on their website.

Official Sheet
Official character sheet

Official D&D 5E Character Sheets/Google Sheet: Ideal for Most Players

Once you're comfortable with the D&D Beyond character sheet, it's time to move on to the standard D&D 5E character sheet. Most 5E character sheets are variations of the official one from Wizards of the Coast. GSheet, a spreadsheet version of the classic D&D 5E character sheet, stands out with its helpful notes and simplified calculations.

With GSheet, you effectively have unlimited character slots.


Experienced players will appreciate this sheet for its customisation potential. For everyone else, GSheet is a reliable and easy-to-use D&D character sheet that's printer-friendly.

You can download the official D&D 5E character sheets from Wizards of the Coast, and find GSheet online.

An Anonymous Redditor’s Open Dyslexic Character Sheet: Perfect for Dyslexic and Visually-Impaired Players

Inclusivity is key in the world of D&D, and this unique character sheet is proof of that. This innovative D&D character sheet is designed specifically for dyslexic players, offering a simplified three-page layout of the standard 5E character sheet.

With larger font sizes and ample space for notes, it uses the OpenDyslexic font to improve readability. Printed character sheets can sometimes pose challenges for visually-impaired players due to their lack of adjustability, but this character sheet's design addresses this problem. It ensures that the game remains enjoyable for all players, regardless of their visual abilities.

You can find this OpenDyslexic character sheet on Reddit.

Visually impaired character sheet
Child friendly character sheet

Emmet Byrne’s Kid-Friendly Character Sheet An Excellent Starting Point for Young Players

If you're introducing D&D to a younger audience, Emmet Byrne's character sheets are a great choice. These character sheets are color-coded and offer brief explanations for each skill in D&D 5E, making it easier for kids to understand the game's mechanics. To prevent confusion during the campaign, the inventory and spells sections are on separate sheets.

You can download Emmet Byrne's kid-friendly character sheet online.

Kids Sheet

Class Character Sheets by u/hornbook1776 The Ultimate D&D Character Sheets for Class-Specific Builds

The standard D&D character sheet may not always be enough when you're dealing with hundreds of potential character builds. u/hornbook1776, a Reddit user, has created class-specific character sheets that cater to the unique abilities and skills of each D&D class.

For instance, the Bard character sheet includes additional sections for Bardic Inspiration and Song of Rest. These character sheets are not only visually appealing, but they also help new players grasp the intricacies of their chosen class by keeping all the relevant information in one place.


You can find these class-specific character sheets on Reddit.

Class specific character sheet
dnd beyond premium

D&D Beyond Premium The Premium Character Sheet Experience

If you prefer a more streamlined experience without the hassle of learning new character sheets, D&D Beyond's premium subscription, priced at $2.17 per month, is worth considering. It offers a near plug-and-play experience in D&D 5E, requiring minimal setup, and provides direct access to digital books.

The premium service includes unlimited character slots, early access to new tools, monthly perks, and some limited homebrew. At $4.58 a month, you can share your unlocked content with other players.

You can sign up for D&D Beyond's premium service on their website. They offer a free 30-day trial for new users.

D&D Beyond Premium

Foundry Virtual Tabletop The Ideal Character Sheet for Online Gameplay

Although it's relatively new to the scene, Foundry Virtual Tabletop is quickly gaining popularity for its comprehensive, sleek, and innovative tabletop gaming experience. This platform offers an all-in-one solution for players, including a character sheet that is part of a larger tabletop resource.

While the learning curve for Foundry VTT may be steep if you're new to automated systems, there are plenty of online tutorials and resources to help you get up to speed. Once you're familiar with it, Foundry Virtual Tabletop can provide one of the most comprehensive online D&D 5E experiences.

You can add Calego's D&D 5E OGL character sheet module to Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

foundry character sheet
More purple character sheet

MorePurpleMoreBetter The Perfect Character Sheet for Advanced Players

If you're an advanced player looking for a highly customizable and fillable D&D character sheet, MorePurpleMoreBetter offers just that. It might require some scripting during setup, but it is one of the most convenient character sheets available.

What sets it apart is its full automation feature, which reduces the manual work for players. It covers everything that D&D Beyond offers without any restrictions, including adding Unearthed Arcana and homebrew without any additional cost.

MorePurpleMoreBetter automatically does all the math, balances skill points, and auto-fills the features you gain from leveling up. Despite a slight learning curve, MorePurpleMoreBetter is among the best D&D character sheets out there.

You can find MorePurpleMoreBetter's D&D character sheets online.

More Purple
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