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Roll Britannia: Introduction To Our D&D World

Liberty has been stolen and sorcery has been outlawed in a land that once enjoyed happiness and prosperity. Unrest amongst the magical community soon turned to rage under the oppression of an emerging cruel monarchy, sadly leading to chaos following the royal murder. What followed was known as the Great Purge – the vicious and relentless pursuit and destruction of magic and its users by a vicious Queen in her quest for vengeance.

Dungeon Masrter James

Fate seems to have grown weary of tyranny though as over a decade later, four misfits of this world are thrown together by chance to join a championed resistance leader. Keth, Jeff, Derek and Malrus find themselves on a mission seemingly from the ancient gods themselves to recover the mysterious pieces of eight and, perhaps, along the way, overthrow a dictator and return a world to freedom.

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