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Dungeon Master UK

Dungeon Master James

As the Dungeon Master of Roll Britannia, you might expect me to have years of D&D experience, but no, I'd never played any form of D&D before starting this podcast.   Why then, you might ask, would you decide to be a Dungeon Master and record it all?  Well, when you ask people to play D&D with you it just seems rude to ask them to run the game too (Plus who else could bring Captain SM Timbers to the world).  Now many years on I find myself not just the DM for Roll Britannia, but TikTok's DungeonMasterUK, so I can say for certain that if you were thinking of giving D&D a try and weren't sure if you had the experience to Dungeon Master, you absolutely can. 

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Dungeon Master James

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