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Roll Britannia Takes the UK Games Expo By Storm

Updated: 3 days ago

Ever since we packed up our belongings at the NEC post the thrilling UK Games Expo, there's been an unshakeable buzz echoing through the Roll Britannia crew. For it was our inaugural appearance at the UK Games Expo, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Adorning the stand with our brand-new pop-up wall and marketing cubes, we had an electrifying start.. Laden with an array of enticing dice from our sponsors at The Dice Dungeon and exclusive badges and t-shirts, we were primed and ready to welcome the attendees!!

5 men in high vis vests posing for a selfie in front of a banner for the dungeons and dragons podcast Roll Britannia
The Roll Britannia Crew setting up at the UKGE 2023

Among the myriad of new games and vendors, a foam dice skirmish drew our attention. It may have started with a surprise volley of large foam dice, but it soon evolved into fascination and longing for these uniquly playful chance rocks. Our thirst for adventure prevailed, albeit without securing a set of our own… yet... find out more about Asteroid Dice here!

The dice dungeon logo

Come Friday, the much-anticipated big day, we were poised and ready at the break of dawn. Our team, flanked by our supportive partners, bustled around the stand, engaging early with fellow vendors and fine-tuning our stock lay out. The safety announcements served as the unofficial start whistle, and we stepped up to the challenge with gusto. Our prime location offered us an unrivalled opportunity to interface with the UK Games Expo attendees; an opportunity we seized wholeheartedly.

As the day proceeded, the team spread out, connecting with more vendors and potential fans. The real star of the day, though, was the LIVE podcast performance on the OnTableTop main stage. Jeff, Keth, Derek, and Milo sprang to life,, etching an indelible mark as the first live podcast performance at the UK Games Expo.

Roll Britannia Recording a dungeons and dragons podcast live on stage at the UK Games Expo

The excitement was palpable as we recorded a special bonus episode, all under the watchful eyes of an enthusiastic live audience, both at the show &online. Despite an unexpected Dalek appearance, the show was a resounding success. We returned to the stand, where surprise visits and gifts from friends, family, and fans fuelled our spirits.

Saturday witnessed an exhilarating rush of activity. The crew tirelessly promoted Roll Britannia, forming valuable connections with some of the biggest names in the TTRPG community, including representatives from Dungeons & Dragons, and Jasper from Three Black Halflings. Despite the exhaustion, the thrill of the event left us yearning for more.

James (Dungeon Master), Paul (Malrus), and Luke Gygax at UK Games Expo
James (Dungeon Master), Paul (Malrus), and Luke Gygax at UK Games Expo

Sunday, the final day of the Expo, was filled with high energy and the last of our stock. We found ourselves in high gear, talking to everyone in sight, and relishing every encounter. Among the highlights, a 4-hour one-shot with D&D royalty, Luke Gygax, stood out, an enriching experience that left Alex, James, and Paul buzzing with excitement.

As we hustled to reach out to every passer-by, the closing announcement came all too soon. It was a bittersweet moment, marking the end of an unforgettable journey. Yet, the crew unanimously agreed they'd do this every day, given the chance. The day ended on a high note, with a celebratory trip to Nando's, marking Chip's first-ever visit..

The Roll Britannia cast eating at a Nando's

We're now back at Roll Britannia, eager to connect with all the wonderful people we met at the Expo. Filled with anticipation, we look forward to our next live performance, and can't wait to return to the UK Games Expo in 2024!! Check out the YouTube video of the epsiode and expect the podcast episode with enhanced audio to land in your preferred podcatcher very soon.

UK Games Expo Logo


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