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Is One D&D The End Of Published Homebrew Content?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Rumours are abound that one of the updates to our beloved Dungeons and Dragons could mark a major blow for homebrew content creators

Game Rant reports that a leak from One D&D seems to indicate Wizards of the Coast may be outlawing third-party homebrew content in the long-awaited new D&D edition. If this rumour is true, players will be unable to legally publish their own homebrew content for One D&D.

According to reports, the leak originated from Indestructoboy, a popular YouTuber who posts homebrew designs, reviews, and music for use in tabletop games. According to him, One D&D rumour originated from a credible source who could not be revealed without sparking legal controversy.

There has been speculation that Wizards of the Coast plans to develop a free Systems Reference Document for One D&D using the Open Game License. Wizards of the Coast would not allow players to publish third-party homebrew using One D&D if it discontinued the OGL. While players can still use the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Systems Reference Document to create content, they would risk legal action if they used anything specific to the updated system.

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