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Roll Britannia | Parley: Jake & Ben from New Crits on the Block

Hi there, folks! Alex here from Roll Britannia. It's not every day you get to sit down with fellow D&D enthusiasts who have turned their passion into an impressive podcasting journey. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jake and Ben from New Crits on the Block, a sensational Dungeons and Dragons Actual Play podcast. From discussing the beginnings of their D&D journey to the intricacies of running a successful podcast, our conversation was as enlightening as it was entertaining.


The Origin Story of New Crits on the Block

New Crits on the Block

New Crits on the Block started their D&D podcasting journey back in 2019 and have since become a formidable presence in the community. Jake, the main Dungeon Master, and Ben, a leading co-host and occasional DM, shared their initial steps into the D&D universe. "We were playing one day and thought we were pretty funny, so we put an iPhone in the middle of the table" they recalled. With backgrounds ranging from newbies to seasoned gamers, their diverse experiences brought a unique flavour to their podcast.

The Art of Running a D&D Podcast

Running a D&D podcast is no small feat. Jake and Ben emphasised the importance of balancing story progression with room for humour. "It's just improv and math," they joked. Maintaining a consistent release schedule, they haven't missed a single Monday in four years, showcasing their dedication. Ben's first-time DM experience with the Havenport campaign highlighted the improvisational nature of the role, proving that even new Dungeon Masters can create captivating stories.

New Crits on the Block Characters

Evolving as Performers and Players

Over four years, Jake and Ben have seen significant growth as performers and players. The evolution is evident in their approach to storytelling and character development. "When we first started recording, we were feeling each other out, and that was half the fun of it," they reflected. This journey has led to a deeper understanding of what makes a great D&D session and podcast episode.

Top Tips for Aspiring D&D Podcasters

For those looking to venture into the world of D&D podcasting, Jake and Ben had straightforward advice: "Just start it." They acknowledged that the first few episodes might not be perfect, but the key is to begin and evolve over time. "It's all make-believe," they reminded us, encouraging new podcasters to embrace the creative freedom that comes with D&D.

Alex From Roll Britannia with Jake & Ben From New Crits on the Block

Final Thoughts

Our chat with Jake and Ben from New Crits on the Block was a masterclass in passion and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned D&D player or a newcomer looking to start your own podcast, their journey is a testament to the endless possibilities within the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Additional Resources

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FAQ Section

How did New Crits on the Block start their D&D podcast?

They began by recording their sessions with an iPhone placed in the middle of the table, inspired by their natural chemistry and humor.

What advice do they offer for new D&D podcasters?

Can new Dungeon Masters run a successful D&D podcast?

Remember to stay tuned to Roll Britannia for more fantastic D&D content, and embark on your own adventures, whether at the table or behind the mic! 🎲🎤


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