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Roll Britannia | Parley: Diving Deeper with Jasper William Cartwright

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Hello everyone, James here from Roll Britannia!! I recently had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Jasper William Cartwright, the dynamic co-host of the Three Black Halflings podcast. Our conversation was a delightful blend of nostalgia, insights,& a shared enthusiasm for the enchanting world of Dungeons & Dragons.


Jasper William Cartwright and Roll Britannia

The D&D Odyssey of Jasper

Jasper William Cartwright is a name that resonates deeply y within the D&D community; With a rich background in acting& theatre, he's not just a podcast co-host but a storyteller in every sense. In 2020; he co-founded the Three Black Halflings podcast, aiming to shed light on diversity and representation in D&D.

The podcast's success was meteoric, leading to interviews with industry giants like Matt Mercer and even a glamorous appearance on the red carpet for the D&D movie premiere. Beyond the podcast, Jasper's portfolio showcases his diverse talents, from acting roles to game mastering .

Three Black Halflings

A Candid Talk on Diversity in D&D

Our chat took a profound turn when we ventured into the realm of diversity in D&D. Jasper's perspective was both enlightening and thought-provoking.

"I typed into YouTube 'black people in D&D', and the only thing that came up was Terry Cruz DMing a one shot for a mostly white table." - Jasper W Cartwright

This statement underscores the pressing need for broader representation in the community. However, it's heartening to see the positive strides being made ,with the community becoming increasingly inclusive.!

Jasper William Cartwright

Jasper's Character Choices and Pearls of Wisdom

Jasper's character preferences are as diverse as his talents. Lately, he's been enamored with warlocks and sorcerers.And he had a light-hearted take on Paladins, mentioning, "Sometimes Paladins are not great to have in the group because they're just really good at everything." For those venturing into the world of D&D, Jasper's advice is golden: "Understand that TTRPGs and DND at their best are shared storytelling experiences." It's a reminder that D&D is as much about collaboration as it is about individual prowess.

Glimpses into the Future: Projects and Collaborations

Jasper's passion for D&D doesn't stop at podcasting. He hinted at some intriguing secret projects in LA related to D&D. Plus , he's keen on collaborating with us on Roll Britannia, which is super exciting! With roles in projects like Dimension 20 and Dark Dice, it's evident that Jasper's influence in the D&D world is e ver-expanding.

Jasper William Cartwright

Concluding Thoughts

Our conversation was a delightful journey through the world of D&D, with Jasper's insights adding depth and dimension. For more such engaging content and interviews, like this chat with D&D Legend Luke Gygax, don't forget to explore our treasure trove of episodes on Roll Britannia.


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