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Review of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Magazine Issue 22: Unveiling the Mystical and the Macabre!

Updated: May 2

Issue 22

Welcome back, intrepid explorers of the fantastical! Issue 22 of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Magazine unfolds a spectrum of magical intrigue and dark dealings that beckon us deeper into the realms of both divine mystery and sinister plots. As we traverse through the vivid pages of this latest issue, prepare to delve into new clerical domains, confront eerie nupp eribos, and tap into the enigmatic power of telepathy. So, sharpen your quills and ready your scrolls as we embark on this review.

Divine Guidance: Exploring Cleric Domains

Tempest, Nature, and Trickery Domains: This issue provides a thorough exploration of three dynamic cleric domains that offer unique divine pathways for characters. The Tempest Domain calls to those who resonate with the might of storms and the roar of the seas, offering spells and abilities that embody the wrath of their deities like Talos and Umberlee. The narrative guidance on roleplaying a cleric of the Tempest Domain highlights the dramatic potential of playing a conduit of divine storms, bringing both creative flair and strategic depth to the table.


The Nature Domain emerges as a guardian of the wilds, perfect for those who seek to intertwine their faith with the verdant powers of the natural world. With abilities that allow communication with animals and command over natural elements, this domain provides a toolkit for players to engage with D&D’s ecosystems in novel ways. The magazine’s discussion on integrating the Nature Domain into character backstories and campaigns is particularly insightful, enhancing the role-playing experience.

Lastly, the Trickery Domain is a haven for clerics who worship deities of deception and cunning. With spells like charm person and disguise self, it opens up a plethora of possibilities for subterfuge and misdirection in gameplay. This section not only details the mechanics but also dives into the art of deception, offering tips on how to weave trickery into the narrative fabric of adventures, which adds a layer of complexity to interactions and plot developments.

Monstrous Encounters: Nupperibos

In a chilling turn to the monstrous, Issue 22 introduces the nupperibos—an unsettling addition to the infernal roster. These creatures, forged from the most despicable souls, serve as the cannon fodder of the Nine Hells. The detailed description of their grotesque nature and behaviors, along with tactical advice on incorporating them into combat scenarios, makes this section a goldmine for DMs looking to enhance their game’s creep factor. The tactical deployment of nupperibos in hordes offers a new type of challenge for players, emphasizing the horrors of the infernal realms.

The Mind’s Reach: Telepathy in D&D

Expanding on mental prowess, the magazine delves into telepathy, a mystical means of communication that transcends language barriers and physical obstructions. This feature not only lists creatures capable of telepathic communication, such as flumphs and mind flayers, but also explores how players can acquire and use telepathy in their adventures. The practical applications, such as coordinating stealthy maneuvers or unraveling secrets without uttering a word, are explored in depth, giving players and DMs alike new strategies to conside r.


Adventure Awaits: Dancing With Devils Part 2

Rounding out this issue is the thrilling conclusion to the Dancing With Devils adventure. This meticulously crafted encounter challenges players to navigate the complex social hierarchy of a devil-worshipping cult. With a mix of combat, intrigue, and moral dilemmas, the adventure tests both the strategic and ethical boundaries of the players. The narrative is rich with detailed settings, high stakes, and potential for significant character development, making it a memorable experience for any gaming table.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Magazine Issue 22 is a vibrant tapestry of mystical insights, terrifying creatures, and gripping narratives. Each section is crafted not only to expand the game's mechanics but also to deepen the role-playing and strategic elements of D&D. Whether you're a cleric seeking to channel the divine, a tactician eager to employ ne w monsters, or a psychic explorer, this issue promises to enhance your adventures with fresh, imaginative content.

So, fellow adventurers, until next time, may your paths be perilous, your spells potent, and your tales worth telling! - Malrus


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