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Roll Britannia's Fantastical Weekend at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2023: Cosplay, Community, & Comedy

Unlike our day-long escapade at MCM Comic Con London, this time we were anchored at the NEC for a thrilling three-day event, ready to immerse ourselves in a world of astounding cosplay amazing people, and great conversations about all things nerdy and D&D.

Dungeons and dragons UK MCM Comic Con Birmingham

Preparing for the Adventure

The excitement was tangible as Chip, Alex, and I set up our stand on Thursday evening. With the latest range of Roll Britannia t-shirts and dice from Table Top Dominion in tow, we felt that familiar buzz of anticipation, reminiscent of our last stand at the NEC back in June.

First Impressions and Cosplay Marvels

Waking up at the crack of dawn on a frosty Friday was a small price to pay for the exhilaration of MCM Comic Con. The drive to the NEC, with Paul riding shotgun , was filled with eager chatter and last-minute preparations. Our arrival at Hall 3a marked the beginning of an incredible experience. The level of creativity in cosplay was beyond imagination – a testament to the talent and dedication of our fellow convention-goers.

The Live Show Spectacle

With a mix of excitement and nerves, I geared up for our third live show, set forr the end of day two. Spreading the word throughout the event, we were astounded to see a near-full audience eagerly awaiting us on Saturday evening . The live show was a whirlwind of chaos and comedy, filled with conga lines, audience-rolled dice; and even an impromptu sword fight (sorry, Jeff!). Our family-friendly twist on humour and "singing" was a hit, leaving us humbled and grateful for our fantastic fans.

Connecting with Our Incredible Fans

The response from the audience was overwhelming. Being approached for photos and conversations post-show was a surreal& heartwarming experience, further solidifying the incredible bond we share with our listeners.

Roll Britannia Recording a dungeons and dragons podcast live on stage at MCM Comic Con Birmingham

Final Day Thrills and New Discoveries

The final day brought Tom (Keth) and his partner Laura into the fray, adding an extra layer of energy to our stand. Amidst the bustle, we snuck in some time to try "Life Size DND" – a must-do for any D&D enthusiast. We ended the weekend with our signature Roll Britannia flair, echoing our discounted dice offers throughout the venue.

MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2023 was a journey of laughter, connections, and unforgettable moments. From meeting the fantastic folks at Bluecyborg to forming promising connections for 2024,we left the event with hearts full and spirits high. With UKGE 2024 already in our sights, we can't wait to bring Roll Britannia to even more fans in the coming year!


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Dungeons and dragons UK MCM Comic Con Birmingham

To all the amazing people we met, the creators, the cosplayers, and the fans, a hearty thank you. You're the reason we do what we do, and why every early morning, long drive, and moment on stage is absolutely worth it....

MCM Comic Con Birmingham


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