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Review: "Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer" Magazine Issue 3

Updated: May 2

Guess what? The third issue of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer magazine has just hit the stands, and it's packed with some seriously cool stuff . Not only do we get awesome figurines of our favourite pre-generated characters from the first issue (perfect for those intense combat scenarios), but there's also a treasure trove of new content waiting to be explored.

Dive into the mystical cultures of elves and halflings, get lost in the arcane secrets of the wizarding world, and level up your gameplay with a super handy guide to conditions.!

If you're as big a D&D fan as I am, you'll want to grab this issue ASAP.

Happy adventuring! 🐉


The magazine offers a clear and concise guide to various D&D conditions like "Blinded," "Charmed," and "Prone," detailing their effects on gameplay and strategic implications. This essential knowledge can significantly influence combat and character interactions, providing both new and experienced players with the toools they need to make informed decisions and enhance their gaming experience.


In D&D, a character's skills, shaped by their background, class, &personal experiences, are crucial to their story and success rate. These skills, along with six fundamental attributes - Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence,Wisdom, and Charisma - determine a character's capabilities and influence everything from combat to interactions. These attributes are the heart and soul of a character's journey, playing a pivotal role in creating unforgettable moments in every D&D session. So, whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, remember the importance of your character's skills and attributes, and embrace the adventure!

Elves and halflings

Elves & Halflings

The latest issue of D&D Adventurer Magazine explores the enchanting worlds of Elves and Halflings in character creation. Elves are depicted as ageless beauties with rich histories and origins in mystical places, while Halflings are described as brave little souls who cherish the simple joys of life. Both add to the rich tapestrey of D&D's immersive world, offering players captivating tales and deep-rooted magic to explore.


This edition is a must-read for magic enthusiasts, delving into the intricate schools of magic, secrets behind spellbooks, and unique features of wizards in fantasy. Wizards, the masterful magic-users of D&D, harness cosmic energy to cast spells, from fireballs to illusions. Their journey often begins with a pivotal magical encounter, leading them to specialize in various schools of magic.

Casting spells requires years of study, with wizards relying on their Intelligence and using "spell attack bonus" and "spell save DC" to enhance their spellcasting. A wizard's most treasured possession is their spellbook, a diary of their arcane journey, filled with personal notes and discoveries. It starts with six 1st-level spells and grows as wizards add new spells; following specific rules. Cherish your spellbook, as it's the heart of your magical journey!

Red Wizards

Issue 3 Also features The Red Wizards (which you may recognise from the Dungeons and Dragons Movie "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Theives") from the shadowy realm of Thay are formidable spellcasters cloaked in red robes and marked by tattoos. Ruled by the lich Szass Tam, Thay is a land where magic dominates and undead armies guard. Amidst rumors of rebellion, the Red Wizzards seek spells,artifacts, and influence, their presence stirring unease due to their reputation and the sense of intrigue and danger they bring, making them fearsome opponents in the game .

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Magazine

The third issue of Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer magazine is a comprehensive guide to the world of D&D; covering conditions affecting combat, character skills, and the cultures of Elves and Halflings. It also explores the arcane world of wizards, detailing spellcasting and spellbooks, and introduces the formidable Red Wizards of Thay. adding intrigue and danger to gameplay. This issue is packed with insights, strategies, and lore, making it a valuable resource for both new and experienced players, and a must-have for anyone passionate about fantasy and adventure.


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