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The New Heist-Themed D&D Anthology: Ready for the Upcoming Film - Honor Among Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons is set to release a new anthology adventure book; "Keys from the Golden Vault," just in time for its upcoming movie tie-in "Honor Among Thieves." This new book features 13 heistthemed adventures for levels 1-11, taking players on exciting journeys through casinos, museums, and prisons .

In this book, players will act as operatives for the secret organisation known as, the Golden Vault. The Golden Vault is a benevolent force that acts as an vigilante when the law fails, and its motto is "Do good, no matter the cost." The players will be tasked with heist-style missions, using their skills in stealth and cunning to complete their objectives.

"Keys from the Golden Vault" is designed to bring the thrill and excitement of a classic heist movie to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. With a focus on teamwork and creative thinking, players will be challenged to work together to overcome obstacles and complete their missions.

The listed adventures include;

"The Murkmire Malevolence,"

"The Stygian Gambit,"

"Reach for the Stars,"

"Prisoner 13,"

"Tockworth's Clockworks,"

"Axe from the Grave," and many more.. These Adventures can be played as a series or as a heist arc in a larger campaign. Each adventure comes with two maps, one for the players and one for the Dungeon Master, with the player's map often being unreliable or incomplete.

The inspiration for these modules comes from classic heist movies like "Mission: Impossible," "Ocean's 11," and "The Great Muppet Caper." With its focus on wacky adventures, "Keys from the Golden Vault" is sure to provide plenty of fun and excitement for players of all levels.

"Keys from the Golden Vault" is set to be released in the UK on March 24th. But it is available to pre-order now to get ready for your next heist-style adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

With all the controversy around WotC you have to wonder, will this book full of heists become the target of its very own digital heist?

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