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Rogue & Bard: Enhancing Your D&D Experience

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Once upon a time, in the land of insurance policies and claims, three brave souls - Sam the Rogue, RJ the Bard, and Miranda the Wizard - decided to trade their spreadsheets for spellbooks. Fueled by their shared passion for D&D, they embarked on a quest to create a company that would make every player's experience a critical hit.

Rogue & Bard was born, with a mission to craft not just pretty and practical items, but ones that would make Mother Nature proud. High quality? Check. Ethically made? Absolutely. Environmentally friendly? You bet.

Now that's what we call a triple threat!

Rogue & Bard Book on a table with dice and pencil

The World's Tiniest Character Sheets

The World's Tiniest Character Sheets. Crafted with the nomadic D&D player in mind, these little wonders are designed to snugly fit into your wallet, purse, or even phone case. Don't let their size fool you, though. These mini marvels pack a punch, boasting all the essential fields you'd find on a full-sized D&D 5e character sheet. They're perfect for one-shots, and even NPC sheets for the DM or even the D&D Players Kit bag!

Having spoken to Sam at the UK Games Expo he told me that originally, these tiny titans were just business cards for the company. But after a chorus of "Shut up and take my money!" from players, Rogue & Bard decided to roll with it and put them up for sale.

Now, isn't that a critical hit of innovation?

Rogue & Bard Tiny Character Sheet

The Ultimate Player Kit for D&D 5e

Next in line from the treasure trove of Rogue & Bard is The Ultimate Player Kit for D&D 5e. This isn't just a kit, it's the Bag of Holding of D&D gear.

Whether you're a level 1 newbie or a level 20 veteran, this kit is your trusty sidekick, in and out of combat. It comes armed with an A5 Character Sheet Journal, a dry erase Combat Stat Tracker, and an A5 folder that's as informative as a well-versed bard.

The Character Sheet Journal is like a TARDIS - it's bigger on the inside. It can accommodate up to four characters, each spread over eight color-coded pages.

It's got all the usual fields from the official character sheets, and then some. It's like unearthing a Deck of Many Things - all the cards you anticipate, plus a few wild cards that add a dash of excitement. Now that's adventuring with flair!

Rogue & Bard colour coded sheets

Combat Tracker Whiteboard for 5e

Last but not least, let's shine the spotlight on the Combat Tracker Whiteboard for 5e. This isn't just any whiteboard, it's the wizard's spellbook of combat resources. It's designed to keep track of those ever-changing character stats faster than a Quickling in a footrace.

This dry-erase board comes with tables for tracking hit points, spell slots, pact magic, and a generic points tracker for those class-specific resources like a Sorcerer’s Sorcery points to a Monk's Ki points. And for those nail-biting moments, there's even a section for death saves.

With this tool, you can keep your character sheets pristine and unblemished, free from the scars of frantic erasing. It's like having a Shield spell for your character sheet, deflecting the onslaught of scribbles and erasures. Now, that's what we call a game saver!

Rogue & Bard initative tracker whiteboard

How These Products Enhance Your D&D Game

As seasoned adventurers who've recently put these tools to the test in one of our epic one-shots, we can attest to the game-changing magic they bring to the table.

The World's Tiniest Character Sheets, The Ultimate Player Kit, and the Combat Tracker Whiteboard aren't just tools, they're like the magical items in your adventurer's pack. They're compact, comprehensive, and ready for action, just like the best of us on a dungeon crawl.

Rogue & Bard whiteboard

These aren't just accessories, they're game-changers. They're as essential to your D&D game as a well-timed Healing Word or a clutch Counterspell. They let you focus on what's important - immersing yourself in the adventure, strategizing your next move, and, of course, having fun.

In short, these tools don't just enhance your D&D game - they transform it. So, whether you're a dungeon master or a player, a newbie or a veteran, these are the tools you'll want in your D&D arsenal. Trust us, we've tried them!

"They're excellent! Everything you need to play dnd in one convenient package. Having a whiteboard to keep track of all my hp and spell slots is a genius addition. I can't wait to put this bad boy to the test during our next marathon recording weekend." - Alex (Derek Normalbeard)

“It’s going to make tracking and creating characters so easy, I can’t wait to be killed off now!” - Chip (Jeff Silverbow)

‘’Absolutely love the combat tracker, having it in front of me during the game saves time when I’m Spell Casting and tracking HP as I’m not having to wait for D&D Beyond to load on my old iPad and I’m not scribbling all over my character sheets’’ - Paul (Malrus & Milo Tosscobble)

“I love how intuitive the pack is, it’s clear that a lot of time and care has been taken over all of the little details and the pack has been really well thought out. There’s loads of space inside and the whiteboard combat tracker is a masterstroke!“ - Tom (Keth Frostiron)

“A great, useful bit of kit, the whiteboards make tracking initiative so much easier, and the streamlined mini DM screen inside the book makes it super easy to look up some of the most common mechanics that so easily slip the mind!” - James (Dungeon Master)

Rogue & Bard character sheet

To wrap it all up, Rogue & Bard isn't just some run-of-the-mill company. Oh no, they're players themselves, and they've got the inside scoop on what D&D enthusiasts really need.

Their products? They're not just functional and easy to use, they're downright good-looking too.

So, whether you're a fresh-faced newbie or a grizzled D&D veteran, Rogue & Bard has got the goods to take your game from ordinary to extraordinary. Now, how's that for a game changer?

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