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DND Movie Merch - Roll For Transforming | D20s like you've never seen before!

It’s been announced that Hasbro has just unveiled a line of stunning new Dungeons & Dragons toys that the heralds have dubbed Dicelings. These hybrid dice are the transformers of the TTRPG world changing from twenty-sided dice into basic DnD monsters you might they are monsters in disguise.

Toy Owlbear that can transform into a D20
Photo: Hasbro

Dungeons And Dragons Needs More Dice!

Dice Goblins and casual gamers alike know just how important a good set of Dice are to D&D, with the players rolling a number of these maths rocks to decide the result of skill checks and combat moves throughout their adventure. The Dungeons and Dragons community is awash with stylish dice with some truly beautiful designs from metal dice, to acrylic sets, and creative resin sets, and now Dicelings will make RPG’s even more fun.

The Dicelings are a brand new creation from the parent company of Wizards Of The Coast - Hasbro, and with the recent uptake in the popularity of the game, Dungeons & Dragons is now very definitely an avenue for profit and growth, so these new dice toys could be just the beginnings of a landslide of D&D accessories.

That is a big thumbs up from us!

What exactly are the Dicelings?

The new Dicelings are toys that can transform from an oversized twenty-sided dice into an iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster. The first of which will include four well-known fan favourites – an owlbear, black dragon, red dragon, and a beholder. Interestingly, have revealed that “three of the four Dicelings are "inspired by" the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie; however, the beholder figure doesn't feature any Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves branding, suggesting that a beholder won't be in the movie” Hopefully this is just Hasbro being coy and not wanting to spoil an exciting reveal as I for one am hoping to see a big screen interpretation of the legendary Beholder!


These Dicelings are not only a beautiful idea, but we are pretty sure that these could very easily be the fidget spinner of the RPG community, we have to wonder that apart from being one of the most desirable little gadgets that have rolled their way into the dice tray of our consciousness but, the question is, how will they roll?

Like their Transformers counterparts, will they roll out?

With the first set of these figures due to land in Spring 2023 we have a little while to wait until we can actually give them a roll for their money.

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