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£10 / month


£10 / month (plus VAT)

Be a Buccaneer with this bountiful tier brimming with bonus booty!

The Buccaneer tier combines the Crew, Familiars, and Pedro tiers PLUS some tasty extra benefits, so you end up with all of this:

All content from Patreon 1.0 (30+ Bonus Audio Specials and 20+ Newspapers Editions)
Derek's Doodle - a custom piece of Digital Art from the desk of Derek Normalbeard, redeemable on sign-up.
Monthly Bonus Audio - a 30 to 60 minute piece of bonus content every month.
Patron shout-out in an upcoming episode.
Ad-free Episodes.
Keth's Kritters - Monthly bonus audio content featuring Keth Frostiron's explorations of the wild and wonderful creatures in the Shattered Lands. Imagine Attenborough with more guns.
All 4 Prologue Episodes.
Monthly episodes of Knowing Me, Knowing Crew - a glimpse behind the scenes of Roll Britannia with exclusive audio interviews featuring the core team who make the show possible.
Monthly Discord Live events only for Patreon members.
Access to our Patreon Only Discord community.
Get added to our social media "thank you" list!

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