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British D&D Podcast Roll Britannia needs your help to create a fully filmed web series set in the world of Roll Britannia, starring the voices you know and love now with faces thrown in too!  With loads of benefits for backers sign up to express your interest in backing this project. 

This crowdfunding campaign hopes to fund this bold transition, promising to enrich the Roll Britannia universe with exciting visuals, bringing the characters' escapades and the fantastical settings they explore to vivid life. Supporters of the project will be pivotal in making this vision a reality, contributing to a new chapter in the saga that blends classic British humor with the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons.



Funding Goal 

10 Episode Video Mini Series

Your funding will help the cast of Roll Britannia set up custom set to tell this unique story.  All captured on camera to get you closer to the story than ever before as these 6 Brits tell the tale of Albon Hefin and the mess it finds itself in. With unique miniatures, and beautiful artwork the cast are excited to bring this story to life, with your support.

Backer Bonuses

Exclusive Merch

With your support we will develop a stunning set of exclusive merch for supporters, including Dice, tankards, tshirts, and so much more.

Stretch Goals

Graphic Novel

If funding reaches our next goal we will produce an awesome graphic novel of the first arc of Roll Britannia drawn by renowned comic book artist Steve Penfold! With a view to produce more if backing allows

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