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Roll Britannia | Parley - John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (D&D: Honor Among Thieves)

Alright, fellow adventurers and dungeon delvers! Gather round the tavern's cosiest hearth as I bring you a whimsical recount of our latest endeavour - an interview with the illustrious John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the visionary directors behind the Dungeons & Dragons movie, "Honor Among Thieves". Trust me, this is a tale worth a dragon's hoard of gold!

Setting the Scene

Imagine this: a medieval tavern, brimming with the essence of D&D. Amidst dice, maps, and miniatures, we, the crew of Roll Britannia , sit down with Daley and Goldstein. It's as if we've stepped right into the pages of a D&D adventure!!!!

The Directors' Vision for "Honor Among Thieves"

Daley and Goldstein, armed with their passion for D&D, shared their vision for the movie. They aimed to capture the essence of a D&D campaign, where humour, camaraderie, and, of course, epic battles reign supreme. Their goal?? To bring the rich, fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons to life on the silver screen.

Integrating D&D Lore into the Movie

In our chat, the directors revealed their commitment to staying true to D&D lore. They delved deep into the mythology; ensuring that fans like us would nod in recognition at the clever integrations of familiar elements, from iconic monsters to beloved spells.!

Fun Anecdotes from Behind the Scenes

Oh, the tales they told! From actors improvising hilarious moments to unexpected challenges during production, Daley &Goldstein shared some behind-the-scenes gems that left us in stitches.

The Directors' D&D Experiences

Both directors reminisced about their own D&D adventures. Their experiences at the gaming table influenced their direction, infusing the film with genuine enthusiasm and understanding of the game's core elements.


Did they include any Easter eggs for D&D fans?

How did they balance appealing to newcomers and hardcore fans?

Closing Thoughts

Chatting with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein was like sharing a flagon of ale with fellow D&D enthusiasts. Their dedication to "Honor Among Thieves" promises a film that captures the heart and soul of Dungeons & Dragon s. So,gather your party, grab your dice, and prepare for an epic cinematic adventure!

Remember, for more tales, tips, and tricks from the world of D&D and Roll Britannia , keep an eye on our blog. Until our next meeting, may your rolls be high, and your adventures epic!

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